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Principles of Choreography Course

$35.00 USD

Along with the help of professors and dance researchers, Himangini has created a course of 10 videos that encompass principles of contemporary choreography as well as movement. These videos are useful to professional dancers as well as amateurs. THIS COURSE IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON UDEMY. The 10 chapters covered are as follows:

1. Time and Musicality
2. Energy and Performance
3. Stimulus 
4. Improvisation
5. Decision Making
6. Site specific performances
7. Somatics and Proprioception
8. Form and transitions
9. Space and shape 
10. Community Dance 

Each video is priced at $35.00 or ₹2,500/- 

Set of three videos is $100 or ₹7,000/-

All 10 videos are for $300 or ₹20,000/-

To purchase the videos or more info, kindly email us on

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